Wetin be Web3 ?

Wetin be Web3 ?

If you dey this tech space, you go don dey hear about "web 3" upandown but you fit no sabi wetin he mean abi you fit dey confused about wetin e be.

For here, I go try explain wetin Web 3 be in pidgin and I hope say you go sabi am better when you finish.

First thing wey go click for your mind na say if them dey call am web 3, e gats mean say other versions don dey before abi. People no fit just wake up call the first version of something 3 abi.

So, the truth for this matter be say before web 3 show for we dommot ehn, we don get web 1 and web 2. Depending on when them born you, you go don use at least one of these versions before. Me now, I no use web 1 (I no go say my age sha but you don get idea). Now make we talk about web 1 and web 2 so that we go fit understand wetin be this web 3 sef.


Web 1

Web 1 na the first born of this thing wey all of us dey call internet. Na around the 1980s to early 2000s hin exist.

For Web 1, na only reading people fit do. I mean say you go go internet and the only thing wey you fit do na to read any content wey dem developers upload. Na why Dem dey call am "Read only".

Web 2

For Web 2, things moved further, people come fit interact with the contents wey dey internet. People come fit like, comment, even post their own content, like this one wey you dey read now, like how Kelly fit post her own videos and everybody fit comment and like. So basically, na web 2 all of us dey use now. Na why them dey call web 2 "Read ad Write"

If you come notice wella, this web 2 era dey controlled by some people and dem be Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook. You fit say "ehn, wetin come happen?" The wahala be say these people, na Dem dey control this internet wey we dey use.

If oga Jeff of Amazon wake up today now and yarn say make AWS go offline for one hour, shey you sabi the amount of yawa e go cause. Ok, him no fit talk am sha as per fear of SAPA but let us say Dem suffer one kind attack, na trenches dey call many companies like that because na Dem dey control 33% of the hosting market for this web.

Similarly, you go remember say this our bird app wey many of we people dey use rant and talk their mind commot oga Trump and them get the power to ban, delete and suspend any account wey them like, I fit go own but sha you don get my gist.

The wahala around this web2 na wetin oyinbo people dey call "centralization" meaning say too much power dey the hands of one person or a group of people.

Na wetin Web 3 come here come face be that.

Web 3

Web 3 dey focused on putting power in the hands of users by making this internet wey we dey use decentralized, distributed, open, trustless and permissionless.

Calm down, I go explain all the grammar wey I just yarn now.


Decentralized na say no central authority go dey control am like how CBN dey control the money dey we dey print for we country. E mean say na all of us get am.


Open mean say na everybody dey see how this internet dey work. You no fit see the code wey Dem use develop Facebook, Twitter and co but for web 3, na everybody dey see wetin anybody dey build.


Trustless na say we no need intermediary between users, everybody fit do wetin Dem one do without the help of another person.


Permissionless na say no be anybody fit tell you wetin you go do.

You fit come say if Web 1 na "Read only", Web 2 na "Read and Write", wetin come be Web 3?

Web 3 na "Read, Write and Own"

I hope say you don understand am better now.